Until the Time Be Changed

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Until the Time Be Changed

2/27/12 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear (Regarding a care package for an orphanage in India)

Thus says The Lord: Little flock, you have forced My hand once again. Yet only for My servant’s sake do I now break My silence. For have I not left you a multitude of words which speak, even a great number of Letters which shout?!... If you would only have the heart to embrace them.

For thousands of years My people have brought Me offerings, even from the very beginning. Indeed many gifts have been placed upon My altar, yet not all were accepted... A gift of love is accepted, a gift of worship is well pleasing in My sight, a gift of thanksgiving is a very wise offering indeed. Yet those who come to leave their gift for their own self’s sake, or for the sake of the onlooker, are not accepted. And those who offer a gift, while holding onto a grudge against their sister or brother, should leave their gift and go and forgive their sister or brother and be reconciled, and then come and offer their gift, as it is written.[1] And those who offer a gift for those in need, with no thought to Whom it is truly offered, let them keep their gift and do with it as they please; it is not accepted. And those who give begrudgingly do not know Me.
How is it that many of you must be prompted to do a good deed? Has goodness now become a burden to you, or is the one in the mirror your only concern? Do not be fooled, young children, and remember: It is who you choose that defines what you do.[2] And faith without works is dead[3][4], even as works done without faith are dead also.[5][6] And one who bears their own burdens must also bear the heat of the day. Yet one who lets go, cutting every cord that binds them to this world, walks free, and shall be given eagle’s wings. For idle hands lack bread, and an idle heart lacks trust; their backs are bent down always, their countenances are fallen, their eyelids grow very heavy. Yet love strengthens the spirit and washing another’s feet is good for the soul, renewing the whole of the body.
Beloved, I know the heart and I search the mind; I see, I know.[7] I see how you depart from Me both in heart and by action, I have seen how your hearts sink and your minds slumber, for you remain disbanded. Yet this was of your own choosing; I have not divided you... Of your own accord are you scattered, according to your own foolish expectations are you dispersed, as many of you drift back into slumber, returning to the valley once again.

For any who bear chains of hate
Must walk through the valley;
And those who hold unforgiveness in
Their heart remain shackled to this world...

And those who love anyone,
More than Me, are not worthy of Me;[8]
And all who are friends of this world
Have made themselves enemies of God[9],
As it is written.

Little flock, why do you hold on so tightly to that which is passing away, and grasp that which is not your own? Why do you cast off knowledge and depart from trust, choosing rather to embrace your own selfish expectations, which only cause you to stumble? I am very displeased!... Yet I remain always The Good Teacher, who continually reminds His students of that which He has taught them before they lose sight of The Goal. I remain also The Faithful Shepherd, who calls to His sheep before they have wandered too far, The Wise and Loving Father who makes the sins of His beloved known early, while they are still able to step easily off the crooked path.

Therefore these material gifts, of which some of you have offered begrudgingly, and some for a pretense, and some with hearts that hold onto judgment, shall be returned. And those who draw back the hand, from them also will I draw back the hand. And to those who turn to their brother or sister the back, from them also will I turn away. And any who do not forgive will not be forgiven; they shall bear their burdens in the heat of the Day. For it is written: Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.[10] Little flock, awake! Love one another even as I have loved you!... Yet some of you do not believe.

Thus it is fulfilled:
To everyone who has, more will be given
And they will have an abundance...

But from those who have not,
Even what they have must be taken away[11]
Until the time be changed...

Says The Lord.

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