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8/13/06 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Timothy, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Behold My servant, of the end of this age: I have lifted him up from among his people, I have upheld him by the power of My right hand, yet even all he has must be separated from him. They must be removed, lifted high above the heavens to My dwelling place... Behold the man, a mere son of men, left standing alone in a world where all hate him.

Yet you shall not be alone, Timothy, for I shall be with you. And though you are left in the midst of the earth, crying, tears streaming, you shall not wail as the heathen, nor in bitter sorrows as those left behind... But in glory, with tears of great joy, tears of the washing, tears of power... The full realization of WHO I AM!
And though you will feel like a woman in travail, you shall stand up and wipe your face and behold My glory, for in that very same hour I shall surely come upon you. Behold, I shall encompass you round about, filling your heart with gladness, and you also shall be gone from this place, though none behold your comings or goings. For you shall be consumed in My presence, partaking of Me fully, and we shall become one in My spirit on that day.
Timothy, you shall behold My glory with your own eyes. Behold, you shall be filled with My glory, and in that same moment you shall also be changed, as those who flew away. You shall become My anointed, with My name written upon your forehead.

Behold the man who was weak and full of stumblings,
He is remade, cleansed from all sin...

Virgin in body, mind and spirit...
An open vessel filled with grace and truth,
Reshaped and remolded for God’s purpose...

Plucked up and replanted...


Timothy, hear the word of My mouth: You are My prophet, My student, My apostle. Behold, you shall become much more, yea as a god among men, for I shall make you as God to them. Even as I had made Moses as God to Pharaoh[1], so shall you be to this wicked generation. For I shall share of Myself with you, and live in you like none before. Even as it was in the days of Elisha, who asked of God double[2], so shall it be for My witnesses in those days. Of such a one are you, Timothy, and shall be. Therefore, embrace My words and put away your doubts.

Timothy, hear My words: Even now do you possess the power of The Spirit, yet only lack the faith to use what I have given you. Doubt is your enemy, which also leaves the door open to the evil one. For he does continually hiss at you as a serpent, winding his way about your feet, waiting for the opportune moment to strike you down when you waver.
Yet soon My son, when you come into the full knowledge and understanding of those things which I am about to show you, when you look upon Me as I am, you will hear the first of the seven thunders utter its voice. Then shall you reach down and grab the serpent by the tail, and fling him far from you... Behold, in that day, even death shall flee away.

In that day, you shall be fully established,   
A great prophet of The Lord...

One of 144,000 who shall, as My servant Moses,
Lead My people from oppression;
Out of temptation and bondage,
From darkness into The Light of Life...

A man in the midst of madness and great evil,
Desolations on every side...
A man of God, who ceases not from bringing glory to My name!

Fear not, My son, nor let your heart be troubled. For I am with you to deliver you. And when death pursues you, when it comes upon you seeking to take away your life, I Myself shall rise up within you and rebuke death, as I had rebuked the wind and the waves of the sea. For as it was written of My servant Sha’ul and the viper, so shall it be with you; even more so. For those I send shall pass through, they shall continue on undaunted, enduring all things for My name’s sake, even to the end of this age, during which time I shall never leave them.
For My own glory shall I do this, and according to the counsel of My own will shall it be done, that they may declare My judgments and warn all people, and bring forth a great harvest from among the nations, and from among the remnant of Israel... For the time of Jacob’s trouble is here![3]

Behold, the sickles are placed in the hands of the reapers!
The trumpets are sounding! The thief is about to enter the house!
The judgments are set and can not be turned back!...

It has begun!...

Says The Lord.

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