Three Signs to Strengthen Your Faith and Allay Your Doubt

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7/04 From YahuShua HaMashiach, He Who Is Called Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Timothy, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Oh My beloved son, you of little faith, why do you stumble so? Timothy, do you not know I am with you? Your faith is unstable, like that of an infant learning to walk. Know this: When you stumble, I will lift you up; yes, even seven times seventy times will I lift you up. Did you not lift up your sons when they fell? Thus in like manner will I also do with you... I am the ground beneath your feet, your strength, The Rock, The Hard Place.
Timothy, why do you doubt what is before you? Did The Father not promise a sign to allay your doubts when you asked, though I told you, “Blessed is the man who believes without seeing”, and, “It is the evil generation who seeks after signs”? Still The Father woke you in the night, and said unto you, “Awake and go out, Timothy. What are you waiting for? Not one drop shall wet your head, though it is still raining.” And when you departed your tent, did not the rain cease? Still you doubted and asked for a sign. Did not the wind also grow calm? Still you doubted and asked for a sign. Did not the coyotes sing, before you even finished asking?

Do you not feel My presence in your life,
And know these words are the very signs you seek?...

And your life, a shining example of God in your life?

The most precious dream of your heart is to be with Me. Know this: It is also Mine, for you to come to Me. I will give you what you most desire and much more. Do you not remember the day I gave you but a glimpse, a taste, of your most sacred dream to come to Me? Is not that vision burned permanently into your mind’s eye? Yet you seek after signs.
Do all that The Father asks, and glorify Him daily, and He will show you things most may never see until the time of the end. For I am coming quickly, I have already opened the door; I have but to come in at The Father’s command. At that time all will be put underneath Me, and evil will be no more on the earth. Then will you come to Me, and fulfill that which you have most desired since you were made, and have now come to realize is the fulfillment of your being... Yea, all peoples shall come to Me, fulfilled or cast out, as The Father wills, says The Lord.


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