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3/15/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

O faithless people, forgetful hearers, how is it that some of you think within yourselves that I esteem one servant greater than another? How is it you feel as though upon this servant I have poured a bounty, yet you I have left desolate? Beloved, it is high time you perk up your ears and listen...

For thus says The Lord: By whose power were you called forth into existence? To whose joy were you created? By whose favor were you born into this world of water and blood? Therefore, again I say to you, who you choose is everything. For I do not withhold My love, yet on account of your flesh you do always step backward. Now consider the woman who touched My robes and was made whole.[1] Tell Me, how is it that she received and you do not? Was she so highly favored, that she should receive and you should not?... Beloved, come close and walk beside Me, for you are indeed highly favored! And all who grab hold of Me shall surely share in all that is Mine!
Beloved, My ways are equal, yet the ways of My people remain unequal. For I have indeed poured out My life for you, yet each one must decide how deeply they drink. Do you not see? My blessings are equal for all who receive of My blessings, and My grace sufficient for all who trust in Me. Thus among those who come to Me, one is not favored over another, nor is My love bestowed by measure. Rather it is you who receive it by measure, due to your lack of trust and on account of all these deceitful weights.
Therefore, do not confuse My love with the calling I have purposed for another; nor compare the gifts of The Spirit in service with The Blessing. For those I have called to serve shall indeed be given gifts, and each in accordance with their faith and My purpose. And those who receive the greater gifts shall bear the greatest burden, even in the heat of the day.

Therefore, beloved, let it be known to you:

The Lord’s ways are indeed equal,
Yet the ways of men remain unequal...

Yet those who grab hold of their First Love
With all their heart, with all their mind,
With all their strength and with all their soul,
Shall never go hungry, nor shall they thirst anymore;
Nor shall the heat of the noonday sun do them any harm...

Yea, even all their tears shall be wiped away in the house of The Lord.


  • The Way of The Lord Is Equal


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