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4/14/06 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Majesty from on High: Behold, I have opened My mouth to speak to this most wicked generation, and as I have spoken so I speak once again. For I am The Lord, and I do not change. Yet the arrogant stand proud, the multitudes do not know Me, and those who call of themselves Christian refuse to accept Me as I am; indeed My own people reject Me! And though I have spoken to this generation with great plainness of speech, and though I have indeed revealed My plans to My servants the prophets, My people refuse to hear!
Behold, I have sent My messengers before My face, I have opened My mouth to speak once again. For I am The Lord and I do not change. Therefore, seek My face while I may be found, draw near with fear and trembling and look upon your Salvation, the image of The Invisible God; yea come close, and humble yourselves at the feet of The Holy One of Israel. For The Lion shall come forth in His strength, He shall appear suddenly out of His place and tear all His enemies in pieces. Behold, all the inhabitants of the earth shall be bowed down, My people shall mourn, and the ungodly shall be horribly afraid. For I have a Mighty and Strong One whose sword proceeds from His mouth, whose face is like the sun shining in its strength; behold The Lamb turned roaring Lion!... Reap, O Son of David, reap and judge the earth, for the harvest is ripe and ready for reaping! Take Your throne, O Son of The Most High! Sit upon the throne of David, the throne of Your glory! Says The Lord God.

Thus says The Holy One of Israel: Holy Father, You have begotten Me. You are in Me, and I am in You. We are One. I became flesh, Immanu El; from the womb of the virgin You sent Me, to save the afflicted and deliver those held captive. And behold, I have done all You asked of Me. Even unto death I walked in obedience, and from death I rose and ascended to Your right hand. And now the time has come, the time of My return is near.

Therefore hear the voice of your Redeemer, O peoples of the earth, for I am coming quickly and none shall escape My glory: Behold, My countenance has changed, for I have surely set My face against the wicked! I died so you may live, yet you stomp upon The Gift, neither will you kiss Me as part of the holy covenant!... You have covered Me in the kisses of Judas! You have surely betrayed The Son of The Living God! Thus you have made your covenant with death, and with the grave you are in agreement.
For you shake your fists at Heaven and shout obscenities before your God! Day and night you take the name of The Lord in vain, as you sink deeper and deeper into the mire of your evil ways, drawing ever closer to the edge of the pit! Behold, you afflict My sheep and slaughter My lambs; day and night, you commit murder and practice abomination!... Thus you shall become the afflicted, you shall be given up to the slaughter! Even twenty-one judgments shall I send upon you!

I know your hearts, all you wicked!
I have seen the mark upon your right hands and foreheads,
And how you walk proudly in your iniquity, without shame!...

I have discerned every thought and looked upon every intention;
Your ways are evil, your works contemptible,
Iniquity beyond compare!...

Thus I am coming quickly to bring all this
Wickedness to an abrupt end! Says The Lord.

Thus says The Lord God: Son of Man, the vineyard is Your footstool, the people Your grapes! Tread them in the winepress of the wrath of My fury! Break down the walls and tear out the hedges, and destroy all these briers and thorns! Tread them down until nothing remains! For My vineyard has produced wild grapes; behold, roots of rottenness plunge deep, and great vines of wickedness reach unto the ends of the earth!... For I had sent to them The Messiah, The Sower of the seeds of salvation, yet My own people treat them as bitter herbs, and the multitudes cast them off without pause. As one who throws a stone into the depths of the sea, so in like manner has this generation cast off My words, to their own demise.
Behold, in the name of science they mislead the people and corrupt the minds of the little ones! As one deceived, as one who loves deception, they seek to silence My name, as they make every effort to remove My Book from before the people, that The Truth might be hidden from their eyes forever! For they do always strive with Me, a people who revile My Word and scorn My Commandments, saying within themselves, “I answer to no one, nor to any god! I am who I am, and I go my own way!”... Thus the holy seed has perished from among them, the pleasant fields are left desolate and the beautiful pastures are laid waste, for there is no latter rain. Behold, the heart of this people is turned against Me! Their consciences are defiled as they embrace every evil thought and intention; a base people lost in their own bitterness, who turn justice into wormwood and throw righteousness to the ground!

Therefore thus says The Lord to the oppressor, to the haughty, the high-minded and the hypocrite: Mankind shall be cast down! For I shall surely throw down the kingdoms of men and bring terrible judgment upon the wicked! The oppressor shall be cut in pieces, the haughty shall be broken and the high-minded abased, and of the hypocrite, he shall receive his just reward. And behold, death shall be chosen rather than life, and the darkness of the grave rather than the light of day... And who shall deliver you from the pit?! Who among you is able to awaken themselves from death, or stand up in the grave?!

Thus the prideful shall in no wise escape the Day of The Lord...

For the children of disobedience shall be bowed down,
They shall surely be left, and in the depths of great sorrow
They shall bring forth many tears;
And the insolent shall be left to wallow
In the darkness of their own understanding...

For as it is written:
There shall be wailing in the public squares,
And in every street they shall say, “Woe is me! Woe is me!”
They shall summon the farmer to mourning and
Call for the skillful lamenters to wail on their behalf...

And in all vineyards there shall be wailing,
For I shall surely pass through, says The Lord.

Therefore thus says The Messiah, whom you call Christ: Beloved, come to Me and embrace all I have done. Live unto Me, and seek to know Me as I truly am, and I shall come and live in you. For I am indeed coming quickly, and I shall surely receive you to Myself. And though many shall be left, though a great multitude must remain in the midst of the fiery furnace, I will not forsake My own. For I know all who will come to Me, I know what is most needful for each one, and I shall surely do what is right in accordance with My will.
Therefore call upon My name in your time of need, turn to Me in your darkest hour, and I shall abide with you in the heat of the fire, taking you through unscathed. Even the smoke of its burning shall not be found at all upon your vesture. For the furnace shall rage and be greatly increased, even seven times, for the Day of Reckoning is at hand.

Therefore beware, My people, be wide awake. For the furnace is the Last Week, the judgment of God poured out on all nations. Indeed many shall perish in those days, yet none who call upon My name, in sincerity and in truth, shall suffer My wrath or fall under judgment. Yet at the hands of the evil one and his servant, they shall suffer for a time, times, and the dividing of time.

Be not downhearted, My people, for in those days to die shall be gain;
For you shall be with Me in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye;
You shall surely behold My face!...
Yes in those days, which shall be shortened lest no flesh be saved,
My beloved ones shall behold the angels of Heaven
Ascending and descending upon The Son of Man...

For I am The Stairway,
The Only Way under Heaven,
The Truth and The Life!...

Your comfort in times of sorrow,
Your strength in the face of certain death,
Your help and your shield, your deliverer...

The Salvation of God, The Mashiach!


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