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The Master’s Table (Redirected from The Master)
11/13/08 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy During an Online Fellowship, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord your Redeemer, to all those who call of themselves Christian, who have ears but will not hear, who have eyes but refuse to see, who cease not from persecuting those sent to them: This is MY food! It has not come from My servant! It was I, even I, who had done it!... Shall you then refuse the food, which comes from your Master’s table?!...

I tell you the truth, you have and do refuse it! And this is why you starve and are left barren... Desolate... Void of The Spirit, dying of thirst. Neither are you able to receive the fruit of My spirit, nor do you dispense it to My body. Yet these few I have gathered to Myself, and they have indeed received; behold, they have diligently sown and also exhibit that which I have given them. Therefore, from you have I removed My hand! Behold, you are delivered to satan, even now walking in the spoiled fruit thereof, until which time you learn to no longer blaspheme.
Stop persecuting Me! For to persecute My body is to persecute ME! How many times shall you crucify Me?!... Oh My beloved, you have wandered far from Me!... Tears, bitter tears... REPENT! And cast off all this darkness in My name, and I will again receive you to Myself, in where I shall then hold you even tighter; and never again shall you stray... My beloved, We weep for you! Come back! Return to Me, and I will receive you! But you must first receive of Me, and that which I have offered, in all humility.

Beloved, why have you turned from Me, and now fight against Me?!
How is it that I behold in your hearts malice?!...

I tell you the truth, I see no love for God in your hearts at all!...

Even now, you reject My forgiveness and make My sacrifice of no effect,
As you sit there upon your thrones of pride with no foundation beneath you,
Upholding yourselves by the doctrines of men...

You are fallen!

Your robes are filthy, yet you wear them proudly; and in your arrogance you strut about, saying, “We are delivered”. Yet all the while you slander and push out the lip at My servants, seeking to hold their sins against them, even those sins which you have imagined, as though they had somehow sinned against you... Where are your hearts?!
Do you not know the Word of My mouth, and that which I taught My disciples, saying, “You must forgive everyone who has sinned against you; and if you will not, neither can My Father in Heaven forgive you your trespasses”?... Thus you have denied both Me and My Father! You have rejected The Lord of Glory and His sacrifice, saying within yourselves, “It is sufficient for me, yet for them it is not sufficient”... HYPOCRITES! EVIL AND DECEIVED GENERATION!
For which is the greater evil: To reject your own forgiveness? Or to hold the sins of another against them, though they have in no wise sinned against you?... I tell you the truth, both come from the evil one, in whose footsteps you walk. And this is why I said, “Neither can My Father in Heaven forgive you”. For you remain in your sins; yes, you bear them still, even upon your own shoulders. And what’s more, you have taken the sins of others and have endeavored to place them upon their shoulders once again, that you may count them as unworthy and turn away... That you may return to the status quo and dwell gladly in your ignorance, as you hold on tightly to all your possessions of sin.
Your works are evil! Your every effort is in vain! You have placed no sin upon them, for they are forgiven! Yet I tell you, you bear both your sins and all those you have sought to place upon others, for every sin you account to another is accounted to you! Or have you never read this Scripture, “According to the judgment, with which you judge, shall you be judged; and with the measure you use shall it be measured back to you”?
For I have forgiven all their sins!... Today’s, yesterday’s, and tomorrow’s... Nor do I remember them. Yet again I tell you, you remain in your sins. And not just in yours only, but all those you have heaped upon others, even these you bear also. For that which I have taken can by no means be added back again.

Satan has deceived you, and to him do you eagerly listen;
Behold, even now you walk in his ways.

Therefore, again I say, repent of all this evil!
Flee all this madness, that you may truly receive of Me!...

That you may be counted worthy to escape all these things,
Which shall shortly come to pass,
And even now have already begun to happen...

And stand before The Son of Man
When I come in My Father’s Kingdom.

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