The Bride of Christ and the Wedding Supper

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The Bride of Christ and the Wedding Supper

10/7/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Timothy and His Wife, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Question asked by Timothy: Lord, will we still be married during the millennial kingdom?

[Answer from God The Father] Concerning those things of the kingdom to come, know this: Those resurrected will not be given in marriage, for they are the Bride of The Messiah, who is called Christ, and will be married to Him, forevermore; those in Messiah who are still living will also be invited to the wedding, and be given gowns of white. So then, all who abide in Messiah will be joined with The Messiah. And all those not invited will be forever separated, cast out; neither will they be allowed to come to the wedding supper.
As for you and your wife, you are both joined to each other, a bond which may never be undone. Also are you joined to The Son, and will serve Him as one yet still two. I tell you this: You both shall be living at The Son’s return, therefore you will not take part in the first resurrection... You shall be caught up! One caught up to My bosom, held fast in safety for one week in The Lord; the other caught up and replanted, a worker in the fields of the second harvest. I am The Lord.

Thus those still living and married shall remain so;
And those dead, yet made alive again, will not marry...

Let this be a mystery to you, and so will it remain,
Until all things are revealed to the chosen...

Live by faith, until your reward comes.

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