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7/5/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord God in a loud voice: The Day has come, yes, it is here! It waits at the doors and is about to come in! And behold, the Great Day approaches and draws near!

Therefore hear the Word of The Lord, for thus says The Lord to the inhabitants of the earth, to every tribe, tongue, people and nation: Bring forth everything you have from the storehouses and come out to the field for battle! Says The Lord. Run quickly, and seek out your gods! Hurry, bow down and plead with your idols, and see if they have the power to save you from the wrath of God! Yes, hurry now, O peoples of the earth, go hastily and prepare for war, and see if you are in anywise able to deliver yourselves from the judgments of The Most High God! For I am a Great King, says The Lord; I am God alone, He who is set apart and holy, set apart in power and great glory! The God of Justice is My name, YAHUWAH, He who causes to be!... There is no other, for I am God alone, God Eternal!

Behold, The Everlasting had come down to you, Immanu El; yes, God in the flesh, YahuShua, the express image of The Holy, the face of The Invisible God, He through whom all things were brought forth and by whom all things consist. And behold, He shall strike the great image and break apart the nations, for He is The Kingdom, The Power and The Glory! Therefore, woe to the inhabitants of the earth, for The Holy One is coming to take His spoil and to pour out judgment; behold, He shall pour out until the wrath of God is complete!
He shall roar mightily in battle and shake the earth! For the earth trembles at His coming and heaves at His presence; it collapses before the power of His vesture and gives way, breaking apart under His feet! The islands flee away before the power of His might, and the mountains crumble at the backward swipe of His hand! For the footsteps of The Lord shall quake upon the earth, until all in the earth are humbled, until every inhabitant falls down heavily and confesses Him King, The Only Lord of Hosts!... Behold the power of God’s right hand! Tremble in fear before the might of His Holy One, shed many tears! For the feet of The Son of Man shall tread heavily upon the earth! He shall tread upon great and mighty nations, and the slain of The Lord shall be great, many ten-thousands cut asunder by the sword of His mouth! Fear The Lord, therefore! Humble yourselves in the sight of The King!

For thus says The Lord: O most perverse and deceitful generation, lie not to yourselves, cease from all these deceptions which you have propagated in all the earth! For My Word is law and shall by NO means pass away, nor shall even one tittle fall to the ground; nor shall the words of My prophets fail, for I have sent them! Therefore touch not My prophets, nor seek to do them any harm, lest your every evil thought and intention be returned atop your own head, and that which you have done against The Lord your God is repaid ten-fold into your bosom!

Thus every stone you cast at My servants,
In word or by deed, is stored up, and shall be
Released on a day you did not look for and at an hour
You did not expect, as a testament against you!...

And those who seek to murder My chosen shall die by My hand;
Indeed, all who rush forward to kill My prophets
Shall be struck down where they stand!...

For strong is The Lord, and powerful is
The sword which proceeds from My mouth!

For thus says The Lord: Behold, My prophets speak and trumpet My warning to the masses, by all manner of speaking and devices, and My messengers deliver My strong rebuke. Yet few have ears to hear, few are willing to listen, for they hide their faces and stiffen their necks; yea, they push out the lip and turn their backs on My anointed, while mocking Me! Behold, even within the churches of men are the people held captive, fastened to their own doctrines, bound by their own traditions which I hate! Yes, many who claim to be grafted in hide behind white-washed walls of abomination, choosing to remain within all these detestable gates, rejecting the Word of God! For not one of them has received of Me, not one has been baptized in The Spirit of Truth!
Therefore, I ask you, who has given heed to the voice of The Lord their God? Who has come out to meet Me?...  Behold, the lowly have come out, the poor in spirit have come forth, the broken have sought Me and the faithful uphold My cause. Yes, these who carry The Messiah within them have come forward to partake of My supper, and do follow The Lamb wheresoever He leads them. And behold, the day is near when He shall call out to His beloved, and all those who have ears to hear will be lifted up; they shall surely be gone from this place!

Therefore hear the Word of The Lord, O deceived nations, give ear, all you arrogant peoples who cover the face of the earth, for thus says The Lord: Most assuredly, I say to you, I am indeed coming forth to execute vengeance, I am indeed coming down to repay! Behold, I have reserved a double portion of wrath for every nation who condones the slaying of the innocent, and a double portion for all who stand in agreement! Yes, I shall pour out double, even double again, upon all who murder My little ones! And behold, I shall pour out terrible judgment upon every nation who persecutes Me and My body - TOUCH NOT MY BRIDE!

For as it is written of Me, so I am:

I am jealous, and will avenge Myself upon
My enemies; I will avenge, for I am furious!
Behold, I will take vengeance on My adversaries
And pour out wrath reserved for My enemies!...
And though I am indeed slow to anger,
I will not leave the guilty unpunished!...

For I am great in power!...

My path is in the whirlwind and in the storm,
And the clouds are the dust of My feet!
The mountains quake before Me and the hills melt,
The earth heaves at My presence!...


Therefore, who shall stand before Me?! Who can endure the fierceness of My wrath?! For My anger is aroused, and will not be turned away; it shall surely be fulfilled before the eyes of this generation! Then they will know, I AM THE LORD, He who comes forth to repay the nations, He who has come out of His sanctuary to judge the earth, to deliver His people and defend His prophets! Says The Lord... Therefore, let all nations tremble! Let all peoples fear The Lord! Let the terror of The Lord overwhelm the hearts of the wicked, and come swiftly upon the heads of the defiant! Let every countenance fall and every knee buckle for fear! Let all people be awestruck in astonishment at the power of The Lord in His anger! Let the high and lofty be bowed down! Let the mouth of the arrogant be clamped shut and let every proud look be cast down!

For the cup of My indignation overflows,
And that stored up breaks forth from its hold!...

From the depths of My sorrow to the agony of My heart,
My anger rises up inside Me, filling Heaven with My tears!...

A hard rain upon the nations...

Says The Lord.


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