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11/19/07 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: The time has come and is already here, when all shall be fulfilled; behold, the consummation of all things is at hand! The time has come for the stone to grow very heavy, a yoke upon the necks of all nations! And though many shall gather together seeking to cast it off, they shall surely be broken in pieces! For they shall stumble, they shall fall, and the weight of their rebellion shall crush them in the day of their calamity, when the foolhardy come out to fight against Me! Says The Lord.
For I shall stretch out My arm against the nations, and My strength shall be made fully known! Behold, My name shall resound in all the earth, from the uttermost isles even unto the beloved city! Declares The Sovereign Lord. Therefore, let the nations be awestruck in astonishment at the power of The Lord! Let ALL people be utterly amazed at the mighty works of The Holy One of Israel!

Therefore, beloved, hear My voice and listen closely to My speech, embrace My words and give heed to My every Letter, for the time has come: Beloved of My heart, you are Mine; I am married unto you. And if I am yours, and you are Mine, then obey My voice and do as I command you. For after thirty will I establish My servants, and after forty they will stand up for Me, says The Lord, and they shall surely go wheresoever I send them... Therefore turn your cheek from this world, and look to Me! Behold My face, and seek to know Me as I truly am; live in Me! For I am with you to deliver you, all you who know My voice and obey My Word. Therefore pick up your cross, and follow Me!

Beloved servants, the time has come for you to stand up!
The time has come for you to sing, to shout from the rooftops!...
Fear not, but step forward in My name,
And I shall embolden you...

Behold, I shall overshadow you,
That you may testify of Me without restraint,
Says The Holy One of Israel.


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