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  1. A Testimony and a Witness: Answering the Call
  2. Ascension into Grace
  3. Breath of Life
  4. Building Upon a New Foundation
  5. Captive Children (A Lamentation)
  6. Darkness of Faces
  7. Declared by a Sign
  8. Desolations Are Determined... And Great Want for My Beloved Children
  9. Give Answer
  10. God Is Spirit and Love; Let Us Worship and Obey Him according to That Which He Is
  11. God Is With Us
  13. I Am Calling You Out! (Part 2)
  14. I Am The Lord, and I Have Taken to Myself a Prophet
  15. I Have Purged; Behold, I Shall Wipe Away and Restore
  16. I Never Knew You
  17. Ingress
  18. Judgment and Harvest
  19. Labor of Love
  20. Laugh With Me
  21. Let Those Close to Me Be Drawn in Tightly; And Let Those Who Lean Upon Others Be Loosed, That They May Stumble in Their Walk
  22. Link Partners of
  23. Love is the Chief Matter
  24. Maranatha
  25. Meet For The Master’s Use
  26. My Bride Is Chosen
  27. My Image, My Mercy, My Love
  28. My Redeemer Lives
  29. One in Me
  30. Open Your Eyes...Life Is...A Gift from God
  31. Our Individual Duties (and) Become One In and With The Lord
  32. Paperbacks and Hardcovers of "The Letters from God and His Christ" and "Jesus...More Than A Man" are Availaible for *Purchase
  33. Parable of the Two Trees
  34. Poured Out
  35. Pray with Thanksgiving... A Completion of Your Trust, the Strengthening of Your Faith
  36. Prized Possessions
  37. Refinement and The Day of The Lord
  38. Regarding Demons
  39. Regarding The Lord’s Wrath against Australia
  40. Return Home, Your Father Calls
  41. Righteousness
  42. Set Your House in Order
  43. The Bride of Christ and the Wedding Supper
  44. The Bride’s Diamond
  45. The Fall of the Lofty
  46. The Father and The Son Are One
  47. The Final Blast of This Trumpet... The Time of The Lord’s Rebuke, the Final Call to Come Out
  48. The Light Has Gone Out of the Churches of Men
  49. The Lord Serves Notice
  50. The Man of Perdition

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