Saturday is the Sabbath...The Ten Commandments Stand Forever

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Saturday is the Sabbath...The Ten Commandments Stand Forever

10/9/06 A Letter from Timothy - To His Brothers and Sisters in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Friends, Sisters and Brothers in Messiah, whom you call Christ, I am here to tell you Saturday is the Sabbath!*... Not Sunday.

Now before you take offense, hear my words. They are not entirely my own... God’s Spirit fills me. Indeed, you are not wrong for worshiping on Sunday. No one can ever be wrong when worshiping The Lord and gathering together for fellowship in the name of YahuShua (Jesus). To worship The Lord any and all days is righteousness, but the seventh day is the day God has commanded us to remember and keep holy. So then on Saturday, do no work, but rest in The Lord, and pray and be merry. Then, when Sunday comes, worship and fellowship, if you so choose, for this is also pleasing to the Lord.
I hear some of you saying, ‘Yes, but we are no longer under the Law.’ You are partially right. We are under grace, freed from the Law’s punishment by YahuShua’ death and resurrection. Has then The Law also passed away? As the apostle, Paul, says, ‘God forbid.’ Rather, only the laws found in ordinances were nailed to the cross of The Messiah, as Paul has taught us.
The Law of the Ten Commandments is now established in us and fulfilled by YahuShua, who is the only One who has never transgressed, who also said, “It is easier for Heaven and earth to pass away than one letter of the Law to fail” (Matthew 5:18); and again, saying, “Whoever breaks one of these least commandments, and shall teach others to do so, shall be called least in the Kingdom; but whoever teaches others to keep them, shall be called great in the Kingdom” (Matthew 5:19)... He, also being the same One who taught us the Law anew, and how to obey it. Why teach us of that which has passed away? So then, if YahuShua remembered the Sabbath and the apostles remembered the Sabbath, how is it then we have forgotten it?!
The church who changed the Sabbath was wrong, but the churches who worship on Sunday are not wrong. For even the apostles wrote that they did gather together on the first day of the week, which was the day after the day they rested and kept holy. (They were Jewish Followers of The Way. They honored and kept the Law and the Holy Days, but with a much greater understanding in the knowledge that YahuShua is the fulfillment of all things and their one and only best example.) Rather, we, as individuals in Messiah, should keep the Sabbath as it is written. In obedience to God, in Messiah, is our love made perfect.

May God’s Spirit guide you and give you understanding as you read.

Yours in YahuShua The Messiah, now and in the Kingdom,


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