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8/16/11 From YahuShua HaMashiach, He Who Is Called Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For a Brother and Sister in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

A brother in Christ asked this question: Demons are messing with my wife. Lord, what should I do? Lead me, YahuShua. Help me, O Lord. Lord, You see. She thinks You hate her, she fears Your rebuke... YahuShua, please.

[The Lord answered] My son, she has no demon. For one to move forward, for one to break these binding ties, one must first accept what they have done and bring it forward, taking full responsibility for their sins... Then shall I burst their bonds asunder! For one who does not take responsibility for their wrong-doings can by no means place them at My feet, and until one faces their hurts by no means can I heal them. For the placing of blame turns the shoulder, and reluctancy hinders the heart. Yet perfect love casts out fear, and the one who truly knows Me trusts in My ways and embraces My correction. For indeed My strong rebuke is for the rebellious, and My judgment falls upon the insolent, yet My punishment is reserved for the wicked, and My wrath is stored up against all those who fight against Me or do harm to My beloved... Yet as many as I love I rebuke and chasten, for I am The Lord and I do not change.
Beloved daughter, you have read My words and looked upon My correction. It is high time you receive it, it is high time you walk in it, for the day is far spent. Beloved, seek My approval only, and let My gaze be sufficient for you. Let My words heal your heart and want only for My attention, for My love does not change. And in all things obey your husband. For if one can not obey their earthly husband who they have seen, how can they obey their Heavenly Husband who they have not seen?... Quiet your mind therefore, and speak no more of hate, nor push out your hand against Me, nor act out in pretense.

For I know all your doings,
I know your every desire and intention,
I know all your sins, even those of tomorrow...

This is why I came down in the flesh,
This is why I gave up My life,
Commending My spirit to The Father...

My love does not change!...

And in this are all your concerns answered, for I am risen!...

And when I am enough, then shall you truly see, then shall you have peace;
For I AM WHO I AM, and there is none like Me, says The Lord.


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