One in Me

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One in Me

10/6/10 From The Lord, YahuShua HaMashiach - The Lord’s Words Spoken to Timothy, During an Online Fellowship - For Jason and Jayse, and For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

[Jason] I wonder what the definition of a church of men is?

[YahuShua] How shall the church of My body be one in Me?

[Jayse] By Your spirit?

[YahuShua] And when standing in and by My spirit, where do you stand?

[Jayse] In You, Lord... YahuShua.

[YahuShua] Amen... Yet where do I stand?...

I stand completely set apart and holy, set apart in glory. For I am not of this world, and those in whom I dwell must also come to be as I am, where I am... Set apart and holy... From glory to Glory, by grace of Grace.
Therefore, those within[1] can never be made one in Me. Only those, who stand without, shall be made one... And at midnight, a cry was heard: ‘Behold, The Bridegroom is coming... Go out to meet Him!’ (Matthew 25:6).
Beloved, understand this also: As long as My insolent sheep remain within, they can never be made one. Therefore, I shall indeed tear down, I shall uproot and destroy... Supplant, rebuild and restore, uplift to make them one! Says The Lord.

[Jason] Thank You, Lord. You are great... You are Mercy, You are Love, You are Never-ending and Everlasting!... You are Abba, Father.

[YahuShua] Amen, I say to you... For I AM... Yes, I am He. You are right to call Me “Abba”, for that is who I am, and you have been a son to Me... Even until the Day ends, it shall be so. And who, I ask you, shall overcome even one son of The Most High God?

[Jason] None, save You. Do You overcome us?... Overcome me, YahuShua!

[YahuShua] I shall indeed overcome you and create you anew... You in Me, I in you... Yet in the world, no one evil of heart shall overcome you, for that which is restored in My image shall never die, nor can any approach Me, for I shall dwell in you. For The Son of Man came to seek and save the lost... Behold, I am coming again... Yet before the time, I shall indeed return and gather, and reveal My image through My witnesses... For as The Son of Man was, so shall My witnesses be also.

[Jason] Lord, should I continue to fast?

[YahuShua] Come to Me, by way of your closet, and I will lead you.

And still some of you wonder why I have not spoken concerning you, you who will not go for Me in the Day... Why do you ponder such things or worry? These shall be in the world, and the world shall hate them with a profound and bitter hatred. Therefore, I speak to them of overcoming the world, so they may trust and have peace. Yet those gathered and those martyred shall no longer be in the world... What more shall I speak to them? For they will be with Me, where I am.

And do you still think, that this type of fellowship with Me is only attained by way of My prophet, whose ears I have opened?... Come to Me! I am with you always, even to the end of this age, even until time has lost all meaning... And yet you strive and worry.

It is time to fulfill My words in yourselves!... To trust with abandonment, to obey without expectation, and to love without condition, says The Lord.

  1. *Note: “those within” refers to the those within the churches of men.

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