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7/17/06 From YahuShua HaMashiach, He Who Is Called Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Timothy, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord to His servant: Though you transgress, I forgive; though you disobey, I remain faithful. When you stumble I shall catch you, and when you fall I shall lift you up. And though I humble you, you shall surely be exalted.

Therefore ears open, My son, for I know your heart. Within you I see a deep, unfathomable love, the kind of which I have not seen in your fellows; for this reason I am with you, and for this reason I am sending you. Indeed your heart remains open to Me, neither are you weighted down by corrupt doctrine or filthy tradition, nor have you sworn allegiance to any man-made faith or denomination; thus I have chosen you. Yet I tell you, you have yet to tap the strength which dwells within you... Bring it forward, Timothy! Embrace this love you have for Me! For by union with The Messiah shall the power of God be established in you. Behold, one whose trust in The Holy One is complete, nothing doubting, can move mountains! Indeed, nothing will be impossible for him.  
Therefore hear and also understand, for it is written: You are all gods, for you are children of The Most High God.[1] For you were created in My image and brought forth from your mother’s womb; and now you are being remolded, born again in spirit and in truth; yea, even a third time when you come into glory, restored to life as at the first, blameless. Then will you truly know Me, for you shall see Me as I am. If then you are born again of The Spirit, and The Spirit of God comes to live in you, and you ask anything in My name, shall it not be done for you?... Indeed it shall be done speedily, in accordance with The Father’s will.
Therefore, again I say to you, all those who live and breathe in Me, having received of My fullness, can do anything; nothing shall be impossible for them! For by unwavering trust and steadfast belief man can walk on water. My son, these things I have already shown you. Or do you doubt My miracles because they were wrought through men? My servants were men like you, nothing more, nothing less, save this: They believed with steadfast, immovable faith, nothing doubting. Therefore believe, Timothy.

My son, I am with you,
My spirit dwells within you, and soon we shall be one;
Yet this world has covered your eyes with scales,
And the devil does continually seek new ways to chain you...

Timothy, I have placed the salve in your hands,
The keys have already been given you...

Break free!...

For if The Son sets you free,
You are free indeed! Says The Lord.


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