I Am The Lord, and I Have Taken to Myself a Prophet

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I Am The Lord, and I Have Taken to Myself a Prophet

2/11/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy During an Online Fellowship, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: I shall speak concerning My servant, Timothy, even of that which he himself yet resists. From the first time he heard My voice, even to this day, have I chosen him to be My prophet. Lo, I have given him ears to hear My voice, and in all times in which I humble him does he receive wisdom. Yet from this generation he has been hidden, and no evil man has been able to approach him. Even now, all who seek to do him harm shall be struck; and all who step upon his property, with the intent to harm him or his household, shall be killed with death. I am The Lord.
Yet you, My people, retain no knowledge, and your eyes remain covered with the veil of this world, which skews your vision and confounds your understanding... I tell you the truth, I have set among you a young lion, a sleeping lion, a terror to this generation! Yet until now I have had need of him, and until now I have held him back, lest his mind deceive him and he believe himself greater than other men. Therefore I have continually humbled him, and lo, I will yet bring him down further, until he is broken without hand. For the prophet’s reward is received by measure, and the fullness thereof by brokenness; as one offered upon the altar, as one broken atop The Stone.

Therefore, let all take notice!...
Let the wolves come forth, and let all savage sheep come forward!
For I have made him a snare, by which I shall catch
The rebellious and have the scoffer for a prey...

For I am The Lord, and I have taken to Myself a prophet,
My beloved servant to whom I have made My plans known...
Behold, he shall go out as John, baptizing with
My Word and fire, preparing My way before Me;
He shall call down fire as Elijah, and pronounce
My judgments over the cities and high places of men...

In him shall the fullness of My spirit dwell, and men shall fear;
Dread shall break out before his footsteps, and great mourning after...

Says The Lord.

Yet you will not believe, and at My words you hesitate, resisting to your own confusion... I tell you the truth, his eyes have seen The King! His soul has tasted of the divine gift, he has seen My holy place and sat in My presence! I have shown him visions and revealed to him secrets, and spoken to him in his dreams; lo, I have even spoken with him plainly, uncovering great mysteries.
Yet the people do not fear Me, and have no respect for My messengers; only contempt and slander come forth, that they may remain at ease in their transgression and feel justified in their error. Lo, even My own turn from Me to seek their own way, that they might receive glory from men. Yet the servant, who seeks glory for The One who alone is YAHUWAH, is true. And his honor shall in no wise depart from him, for he has been set apart, and in My presence he shall abide, forever.
For Timothy is indeed My servant, and in him am I well pleased. Behold, even he shall be brought to the front of My table at The Feast, him and all who aided him in his calling. For his justification is in The Lord, and I shall surely see to it, lest there be children at My table who have come up to The Feast from among the nations who yet retain their error.

For I am The Lord, and this is My Word,
And Timothy I have chosen;
He is My prophet, and he shall go for Me...

The mouth of The Living God has spoken.

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