God Is With Us

From The Volumes of Truth

God Is With Us

6/2/15 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Timothy, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says YAHUWAH, yes I, The Lord God of Israel; for I am God alone, there is none besides Me; from the beginning I AM, and to the end I shall be... Therefore, hear The Word of The One who is and was and is to come, The Almighty: I AM COME![1] And behold, there is One among you of whom you have not known, One who sees, One who knows. From the beginning I have declared Him, from the beginning I have made My plans known; and behold, the time is here, yes the time has surely come! For I am risen up, and have called forth My servants; I Myself have caused them to stand up; they are not alone.
Therefore, woe to any who stretch out their hand against them, for I am with them. For I know My own, I know who I have sent and who I am sending, I know those I have called. I have looked upon them as they are and as they will be - Men of renown, strong and mighty in word and deed. For the fullness of The Holy One goes before them, and the fire of The Lord is kindled within them, causing them to shout, “God is with us!”

Therefore, Timothy, hear the word of My mouth and give heed to My voice, listen to My speech and hang upon My every word. For I tell you the truth, you are called and shall also be sent, of the number, the first of the special offering. And though you yet stumble in your walk, though you yet fear and give in to doubt, though you run and hide, I tell you once again, I know My own.
My son, I have seen that which you keep hidden, I have peered deep into your heart. I have seen the love which you have for Me; and I have also seen the anger which builds and is about to break free over all this injustice, over all this evil, over all these things which pollute My name and steal from My glory. Yes, I have seen your rage over all these idols and your fury over all these murdered innocent. I have seen a man after My own heart, a servant who seeks to please Me, yet who as Jonah seeks also to flee. Yet I tell you the truth, the man you reveal yourself to be on the surface is but a glimpse of the man you are and shall be. For My Word has been with you since your birth, and before you came forth from your mother’s womb I ordained you a prophet, an enemy to all men - One who shall be seen as a plague which passes through the midst of them, unabated, one who carries a sharp sword for which there is no defense.
Therefore, again I tell you, lo I shall speak it plainly once again (for all My promises are kept): You shall receive that which none have been given in over two thousand years, and you shall bear your burden gladly. Behold, you shall carry a staff and wield a sharp sword - A staff with which you shall strike the waters and break the idols in pieces, and a sword to cut and strike through, by which you shall divide the multitudes asunder! For I AM THE LORD, and through you shall I do all these things. And yes, Timothy, even all you long for in regards to your service and faith shall be yours. For I will be with you, and that which is impossible for men shall indeed be possible for you. For I am LORD and GOD, and what is impossible for Me?!

Therefore, My son, it is time to break free! It is time to depart from all these things which weigh so heavily upon you, it is time to embrace even all I have given you! It is time for you to speak, it is time for you to fly! Says The Lord your God and Savior, yes I, YAHUSHUA-YAHUWAH, The Lord your strength, The Lord Your Righteousness!

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