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6/2/09 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Beloved, this question of Judas, and The Gift which he seemingly rejected, has come up before Me once again. Therefore because you have humbled yourself before Me, sincerely seeking to know the truth of the matter, even if it meant your own correction, not at all doubting The Scriptures of Truth or My Word in The Volumes, I will answer you; and for the sake of those who seek to know Me as I truly am. So then, let all those who have ears to hear, hear and gain wisdom.

For thus says The Lord: Before you in the Scriptures of Truth you see the man called Judas, who by receiving the bribe betrayed The Son of Man unto death. Yet afterward, out of extreme remorse, he took the money (the price for which I had been weighed) and cast it down at the feet of the guilty. Therefore, Judas could not buy a field with the money he did not have, nor did it enter his mind. Rather those of evil and hardened hearts bought the field to bury those who they saw as unworthy, whereby a sign was given and fulfilled by Judas, written in his own blood. And so it remains to this day, the desolate Field of Blood.
Therefore, again I say to you, stumble not over the letter, nor be confused by gossip; nor let perverse interpretations or biased translations lead you astray, by which the churches of men have marred My Word and My Glory before the people; behold, even My apostles faltered on account of their anger, temporarily blinding them to the truth... Beloved, see with greater eyes! For I tell you the truth, Judas shall be with Me in paradise! And do not speak to the contrary, lest I leave you upon the earth at the Last Day for the blaspheming of My spirit! For My every word is Scripture, My every Letter truth!

Beloved, I forgive all who return to Me; even the one in ninety-nine who goes astray, even the one among twelve who betrays Me. For I am The Lord, and of all those The Father has given Me I shall not lose one. And though Judas was indeed lost according to the flesh, he was not lost according to the spirit. For he repented in sincerity and in truth, confessing his sin with extreme remorse. And though he died before Me, his sins I bore also, crucifying them upon the tree... My sons and daughters, awake and give answer! Who among you has not gone astray?! Who among you has not betrayed Me by their sin?! Who among you has not denied The Son of The Living God?!

Therefore, again I say to you, all those who repent in My name,
With sincere remorse in their hearts, are saved;
For I am The One who makes it possible for them to do so...

And though some have fallen asleep in death,
And others are slain, even by their own hand,
I ask you, shall death have the last word?...

BY NO MEANS! For I shall raise them up at the Last Day!
For I have granted them the victory, even as I am The Victory,
Being the First Fruits from death...

Even as those given Me shall likewise be first
When the shout is made, says The Lord.


  • From Betrayal to Victory


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