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11/12/06 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord to His servant: Timothy, write as I speak, yea hear and also understand, that The Lord’s purpose may be established and made clear.

Behold, I have sent you out amongst My sheep, as a young shepherd who lacks experience, as one who has little knowledge of My flock. Yet from your birth I set you apart for My purpose; yea, before your formation in the womb I appointed you a prophet to the nations. Thus you shall go for Me and be to My people a light, a beacon shining amidst the darkness of the end of this age, a voice shouting in desolate places calling them out. You shall be for Me a witness, a rock of offense, which I shall place at the feet of the rebellious and set against all these churches of men, causing them to stumble. For I have surely filled you with the word of My mouth, and have caused you to write all these words, each Letter a sharp sword with which I shall divide them asunder. I am The Lord.
Yes, Timothy, I have made you a watchman for My people; therefore, you shall hear the word of My mouth and warn them from Me. Yet their ears are dull and their countenances have become set and unyielding, for they are haughty and do always refuse the voice of The Lord their God. Indeed My words have become an object of scorn among them, and in My ways they find no delight. Therefore, I shall increase in you sevenfold, and cause this Word to become as a blaring trumpet in the ears of this people, a thorn in the side of this nation which can not be removed. And you, Timothy, shall be perceived as an enemy to men, for I have surely put My words in your mouth... Behold, I have called you out from amongst all people, an empty vessel of dishonor, of which I have cleansed and filled unto great honor; a man who shall be greatly hated and persecuted by those of this world, yet rejoiced over by angels. For even those who claim to be of My sheepfold shall come to hate you with a profound and bitter hatred, to the casting of many stones in word and by deed; for they have not known Me!
Thus I have called you out of the world, and shall also send you back into the world, even to the churches of men. For you are of My body, yet must remain separate from that which is called My body by men; for I have surely set you against them! For as it is written of My prophets of old, so also shall it be with you: Behold, I have made your face strong against their faces, and your forehead strong against their foreheads. Like adamant stone, harder than flint, I have made your forehead. Do not be afraid of them, nor be dismayed by their looks, though they are all rebellious houses! Yes, I have set you over nations and over kingdoms, to root out and to pull down, to destroy and to throw down, to build and to plant!... For I am The Lord, and I do not change!
Therefore, I am indeed sending you out amongst wolves and amongst wayward sheep alike, of which both shall bite at you and seek to do you harm. Behold, in the day I send you great numbers shall gather against you, that they might tear you in pieces, that they might trample upon My cause and prevent My Word from speaking by any means. For you are sent to speak the truth absolute and to pronounce My judgment upon the cities of men, to make war in My members, to make enemies of men... Timothy, you shall slay your brother in his heart with the sword I shall give you, and weary the people with the sound of My trumpet! For in one hand you shall bear a sharp sword with two edges, which is The Truth Absolute; and in the other, The Trumpet Call of God, by which you shall sound the warning!... Fear not, My son; I am with you to deliver you.

Therefore, hear now the word of The Lord, for here is wisdom: God is just in everything. And if The Father’s justice is not partial, then it shall surely come to pass in these latter days, that those who have placed themselves first shall be last, and those who were seen as last shall be first... For what shall I do and what shall I say to all these who call of themselves Christian, to a people who speak in My name continually, invoking My Word in Scripture, then in the selfsame day disobeying it?! Shall any man who thinks himself righteous, simply because he knows My name, be taken out of The Day of The Lord as a reward for his disobedience and high-mindedness?! Surely not!
And what of all these who speak in My name, using My own Word to exalt themselves and to judge others? Shall I reward the lofty and deliver the self-righteous?! Shall I lift up any who teach as doctrine the commandments of men?! Shall I grant escape to those who stand firm for their own way, as they fight against Me?! Surely not! For of My servants I require all humility, with meekness and fear, rightly dividing My Word unto the edification of their brothers and sisters... Not in justification of themselves, by themselves, for their own glory, as they abide in the churches of men who forsake My Commandments and ignore My every decree; a people who hate My statutes and have no love for My Sabbaths!

Thus says The Lord, to all those who claim service in My name: Do you really know Me? Have you truly received of Me? And if you have received of Me, how is it you do not abide in Me? Where is the fruit of My own spirit, which you say lives in you? I tell you the truth, I have not seen it! And of My gifts, what have you done with them? My lost sheep, where have you laid them? They lie next to your faith, which has also been misplaced. And why do you now come against Me?! For I tell you the truth, all you have done shall surely be accounted to you, unless you repent and turn back from this evil way you have chosen, casting off these filthy robes you have worn in pretense, shedding your arrogance, letting go of your pride.

Indeed, many of you have asked of Me forgiveness,
And I have washed you in My own blood...

Are you not therefore married unto Me, beloved?...
How is it then, that you also play the harlot,
Returning to those things of which I have forgiven you,
Taking pleasure in those things which I hate?!...

Beloved, The Lord does not change!...

Yet you have endeavored to change My Word
To suit your own selfishness, to hold onto
That which is an abomination in the eyes of God!

Shall I then gather you and reward you for your error?! Surely not! Are you saved in spite of your error? Yes, The Lord does not lie to His sheep. But remember this: The Lord will surely correct and discipline all those He loves, making His bride fit for her Husband when He returns for her... Oh My beloved, what is all this darkness which surrounds you? What is all this filth that covers you? Hold your lamps up, that I may see your faces. You are unable, for you have polluted that which I have given you; behold, you have taken the pure oil and poured it upon the ground; you have intermingled the holy with the profane, and the pure with abomination! Thus your lamps do not light, therefore is every lampstand removed from its place... Hurry and come out! And now go and buy some new oil from those I have sent, for they sell the pure oil, that which I Myself have given them. I am The Lord.

Thus says The Lord, He who died and is alive forevermore. Amen: I have sent out the watchmen, My prophets, of whom you shall know by their fruits. Woe to those who do not embrace their words and ignore their correction, for it would have been better if you had never met them, nor heard them, and remained in ignorance. Yet you have heard them, and I have indeed sent them, thus you are bound by their words, a cord which can not be cut. For theirs is the Word of God, behold, it is I who speaks through them, for I have surely placed My words in their mouths... Therefore, woe to all those who come against them, for you have surely lifted up your heel against ME! Says The Lord. And those who stone them in word or by deed, these shall not be gathered, nor shall they escape! For I shall leave them in the midst of the fire, left unto refinement in the Day of The Lord, a great humbling!... There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Thus says The Lord, your Master, your Teacher, The Bearer of your cross: Servants, you stand too tall, your girth is too wide; you are unable to pass. For small is the gate, and narrow is the way into Heaven. No man great in stature may enter, called Christian or otherwise. For it is the humble, penitent man who shall enter in. No name, nor mere proclamation or work, shall bring you into My Father’s house, for I search the hearts and minds. Do I then require perfection? Certainly not... I require sincerity and truth, a loving heart, a sincere striving to obey, a man fully converted in his inward parts, a man who continually humbles himself before Me, seeking My will with all trust; a servant who does not hesitate to come to Me when he stumbles, a man of My own spirit, a man after My own heart.

Therefore, beloved, listen closely and take My words to heart,
All you who call of yourselves Christian:
I ask you, do you really love Me?...

Then follow Me.

Beloved, listen closely and take My words to heart,
All you who call of yourselves Christian:
Do you really love Me?...

Then obey My Word; follow Me!

Beloved, listen closely and take My words to heart,
All you who call of yourselves Christian:
Do you really love Me?!...

Then leave everything and follow Me! Let go!
Stop breaking My heart and giving heed to the devil!...


Oh My beloved, I have always loved you; even from the beginning, I have loved you! I am your Maker, your Carpenter, your Father! Let go! Let go of your pride, beloved; let go of this world! Let go and come to Me in truth, your salvation is assured! For I know those who dwell in My Kingdom, I know those who are Mine, I know all of you; I know you as you are and as you will be... Therefore hear Me, beloved, and turn not to the right hand, nor to the left; keep your gaze fixed upon Me! For I am The Way, The Only Truth, The Only Path which leads to Everlasting Life! Beloved, I do not change! I am the same yesterday, today, and all tomorrows to come!
Therefore what I have written, let no man change. Rather follow Me as I have said, and not as you would have Me say. Beloved, keep The Commandments of The Father, as He had written them in stone by His own finger; in number, ten. Keep them all, remember them all, and do them all, according to how they are written and not as man has rewritten them, and it shall be credited to you as righteousness. For I have indeed freed you from the curse of The Law, yet I have not freed you from obedience to The Law. Rather I have given you the means, by My own spirit, to keep The Law... Oh My beloved, why do you not understand My speech? Why do you not love Me?! Why have you lost the desire to follow Me?! My love has not changed, yet you have changed, removing your hearts far from Me, walking always in a way that is not good to your own hurt. You have all become lords unto yourselves! Beloved, delight in what The Father has given you; stop desecrating His Sabbaths! Keep what The Father has commanded you, for The Law stands forever, even as all contained therein stands also. Behold, even from Sabbath to Sabbath, in the Kingdom, shall the nations come up to Jerusalem and worship Me.
So then, My beloved, follow Me, and make our love perfect in obedience. Embrace My prophets. And separate yourselves from those who are falsely called so, all those who deny My name by all they say and do. For any man, who embraces those who deny Me, embraces he who is against Me. And any who embrace those I send embrace Me, and shall be hidden in the Day of The Lord’s Anger. I am The Lord. Therefore, again I say to you, you shall surely know My prophets by their fruits, of which the devil can not duplicate... Imitate, yes; duplicate, no. Thus shall you know them by their fruits, and by their continual trumpeting of My name and My coming, for I dwell in them and they abide in Me.
Again, I say to you, woe to anyone who comes against My messengers in these last days. For thus is the judgment of God: To the wicked, they shall be burned with fire, they shall be utterly consumed! And to the false-righteous, they shall be left in bewilderment and many tears, abased on account of their pride and great arrogance! And for their judgments, persecutions, false teachings, evil surmisings, envying, foolish-talking and wrath, their discipline shall be most severe!... Yet they shall be saved, as one being refined by the fires of The Father’s discipline, purified in the heat of His stern correction; falling not under the condemnation of the second death, because of My name and My sacrifice; rather coming into My Kingdom by great tribulation, taken through by The Right Hand of God; some martyred to the glory of God, others hidden in the wilderness for a time, times and the dividing of time. And behold, many shall behold the angels of Heaven ascending and descending upon The Son of Man in those days.

Therefore, Timothy, sift My wheat by all I have given you; set all these crooked paths straight! 

Behold, the trumpet is blowing!
The bride is being prepared!
The wedding supper approaches quickly!
The seals are placed in the hands of The Holy One of Israel!...

For The Great Day of The Lord God Almighty has come;
Yes, it waits at the doors and is about to come in!...

Therefore look up, My people,
For your redemption draws near!...

Says The Lord.


  • Many Are Called, Yet Few Are Chosen


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