Fear God, and Put All Your Trust in The Holy One

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12/13/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - An Exhortation from Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

The heart of The Lord is angered by what He has seen and enraged by what He has heard; the heart of The Lord is ablaze! The heat of His fury shall melt the high places and turn the wicked to dust, scattering them upon the waste places! The wrath of The Most High burns like the terrible mountain, it builds and is about to burst forth from its hold! It comes forth as roiling clouds and thunder, and with great swiftness it rushes down the slopes, releasing its fury upon all in the path of its destruction!
It is great and very dreadful, a suffocating plague covering the cities! For ages has it been silent, storing up strength in its stillness; for a multitude of days has its terrible heat been restrained, its great power hidden beneath the weight of the mountain, ready to break forth in its due season, bringing great calamity at its time appointed! For of such is the indignation of The Father, of such is the strength of The Son! For the strength of The Son is manifest in His glory, and by the power of His Word poured out in judgment, a sharp double-edged sword unsheathed, striking all these nations who have gathered against Him! - Piercing blows dividing them asunder, consuming wrath from The Almighty upon all His enemies!
The Day is at hand, The Day of The Lord is here and has come! And what evil shall prevent the hand of The Mashiach from gathering His own from among the nations? The Day of The Almighty is near, and who shall stand?! Who shall stand against the Great Day, or prevent The Holy One from coming in His strength?! What army can withstand Him and the power of His sword?! For they shall all be as wax before the fire, when the brilliance of The Lord is put on open display!
Therefore, fear The Almighty God, and put all your trust in His Holy One. For the power of God is displayed in His Holy One. For He is the express image of The Holy, The Salvation of God... He whose hand reaches far and wide, whose strength is almighty, whose wisdom holds all creation in His understanding, whose love endures forever! He whose righteousness comes and had been stretched out before us, for every eye to see; the end of which shall be as a flood cleansing the sanctuary of His mercy, restoring all things, even to a new heavens and a new Earth! Therefore, now is the time appointed, now is the time to give Him glory! Now is the appointed season for the power of God to be made known, for the name of The Holy One of Israel to be glorified above the heights of the mountains, to overshadow every hill!

Behold, the whole of creation shall bow down
And give Him glory - His time has come!
The time has come for The King to return and gather,
To reveal the glory of His might! - Immanu El!...
Yes YAHUSHUA, The Rock, The Stone Everlasting, is coming quickly
To strike the great image, to break apart every foundation,
To spread forth like a flood, until only The Great Mountain remains![1]
Then shall they know, The Father and The Son are one!...

Behold, the earth shall be full of the knowledge of YAHUWAH’s glory,
As the water covers the depths of the sea![2]...

For as it is written, so shall it be!



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