Desolations Are Determined... And Great Want for My Beloved Children

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8/18/06 From God The Father and Our Lord and Savior Jesus The Christ, YahuShua HaMashiachA Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

To all My beloved little flocks, seated firmly at My right hand, soon gathered into My arms...

Great times of tribulation are coming and shall surely reach around the world, even into your own lives, says The Lord. Be strong, yea, be very strong; I am with you to deliver you. Great hurt is coming and great want, a dark and widening valley where the cliffs are sheer... And in the midst of it, the pit. 

Parents, call out to your children!...

For the vipers gather, 

And the jackals have begun their attack!

Little ones, I am with you; do not forsake Me... Call on Me in your time of need, which approaches very quickly. Do not be alarmed or overtaken, as an unarmed man in sudden travail by a band of thieves. See, I have told you in advance. Therefore rest easy; let not your hearts be troubled, for I am with you to deliver you... Rest easy, and know, I AM THE LORD. 

Thus says The Lord God: You shall behold the power of The Lord God Almighty! My name shall resound in all the earth! Behold, even the heathen shall come to know God!... Yea he shall kneel, he shall bow his head, he shall humble himself before Me, calling Me, “Lord”.

And Gog and his army, and his evil covenant, shall be broken! Yea, total destruction shall overtake him and his princes! For God shall surely visit the earth! Yes I, even I, shall visit them in My wrath!... A great recompense upon all these men in authority, for all this evil which they have conceived of in their hearts to do! 

For they seek to destroy My people, Israel, 

And to plunder the land, which I had given to their forefathers, forever!...



Behold! I shall lay them waste,

Scattering them across the open fields!...



  • Desolations Are Determined... And Great Want for My Beloved Children


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