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12/15/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear (Regarding the holidays of men)[1]

Thus says The Lord: All these things which these modern people do in My name, though they be called Christian or otherwise, I DO HATE! I loathe the sight of them! Behold, they have all become as the walking dead before Me, walking always in dead works, deplorable traditions in where they have despised both Me and My Word! For all these churches of men do pollute My name; day after day they twist the Scriptures, in an effort to uphold their own way!... Behold, from house to house they pollute My name and desecrate My Word, as they attempt to place MY NAME upon all their perverse traditions, which I hate; a form of idolatry which isn’t even named among the pagan and the heathen! Reason has altogether departed from them, the truth is cast down, and righteousness has perished! For they have removed their hearts far from Me, and not one is willing to embrace Me as I truly am!

Therefore, thus says The Lord to the churches of men: Your worship is in vain, your offerings are not accepted; behold, even your prayers have become an abomination![2] For you have rejected Me and made for yourselves an image, an intricately woven tapestry using the threads of man-made doctrine and perverse tradition, interlacing sin with sin; all in the name of your “Jesus”, another messiah which you have created in your own image, all in all an affront to My glory!... Modern Pharisees, arrogant children, you know neither Me nor My Word!

Thus I call all those who desire to serve Me in truth and righteousness,
To Tear Down Every Whitewashed Wall of Abomination!...

For this is not a light matter with Me, says The Lord,
But carries great weight, filling the cup of My indignation
Throughout your generations!...

And behold, I shall surely pour out!...

 Until My wrath is satisfied and My anger abated,
Until the whole breadth of the whole earth
Is cleansed in the heat of My fury!...

Says The Lord.


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