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12/17/09 From YahuShua HaMashiach, He Who Is Called Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy During an Online Fellowship, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

My son, tell them from Me: The time is now come! No more time to tarry... The fire is kindled. Soon the winds will come, and this world shall be ablaze in My judgment. Where will you run, My beloved? How long shall you tarry and fail to be moved? How long shall you fail to raise your voices? How is it you tarry? Have I not spoken to your hearts? Have I not blessed this generation, with a multitude of words, in their hearing? Is not My word in front of you?... Take your fill! STOP listening to the adversary!...

I am Your Freedom... Come to Me.

Stop judging My word, for one who is a judge has ceased from being a hearer, and has also cut himself off from being a doer... Where only pain, confusion, and tears follow. I am not of this world, though I had formed it. Evil now reigns... Its time short and soon cut off. Yet My children dwell in the world and remain married to it, lusting after every unclean thing... This should not be...

Come to Me, and I shall make you clean!

I am The Lord at all times,
And in all seasons shall I reign in you... You have only to ask.

Come now and be broken,
And I shall uplift you into the Sanctuary of My joy, where we shall laugh together.

For I am a God very close at hand... Come to Me.

And when you have supped with Me, and have taken your fill, stand up and go and tell your neighbor; and when they refuse to hear, go into the streets and tell the stranger; and after they turn away, go and seek out the homeless, the fatherless and the widow, and speak to them My words and tell them of My glory and of My sacrifice in love. Beloved, each minute you withhold does your faith weaken, each second you hesitate from coming to Me does your trust break. DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!... I HAVE DEFEATED THE WORLD! I bear the full weight of your burdens, yet you hold onto that which I have taken... Give it away, give it to Me...

Know you not, I am The One who bought you?... I am He!

Beloved, I am married unto you!... You are Mine, even as I am yours.

Beloved, I am speaking! Be no longer confused in the flesh... It deceives all who allow it to be their master. You have One Master!... COME TO ME! See Me as I am... No more time to tarry. Beloved, Timothy IS My prophet! Look past him, and what do you see? What do you see? Tell Me what is there...

[Bible Study participants] YahuShua!... Jesus... You, Lord.

[YahuShua] You have answered rightly... And if I am there, and you behold My form and see Me there in My own Word, then where also must I be?

[Bible Study participants] With us and in us.

[YahuShua] Yes, My treasure... For one to see Me, I must be in them; and for one to speak My words, in them I must live also. For one to see Me as I am, one must see with My eyes, where they look upon another and there I am looking back at them... My sons, My daughters, do you really love Me?

[Bible Study participants] Yes, Lord.

[YahuShua] Then make Me your treasure! For you are already Mine, even I have set you apart for My glory... My sons, My daughters, do you really know Me?

[Bible Study participants] Yes, Lord.

[YahuShua] I have always known you, and from everlasting you were Mine. And if you have always been Mine, then come to Me as you are, nothing held back. Ask Me to reign in your hearts... Say it not in doubt, nor in passing... Ask as one dying for thirst, as one who is starving in this world, as one with few breaths left, suffocating in this world of sin... ASK... And come to Me quickly, and be broken atop this Stone. Your hour has come... Run... It is time. The Amen is come.

[Bible Study participant] I know of You. I know about You, but I don’t know You the way I want to. If I knew You the way I want to, I wouldn’t be asking You what I’m asking You right now, waiting for You to answer me, so that I won’t doubt.

[YahuShua] My son, I am already with you. Know you not, I am yours and you are Mine? Test not My servant, for this is to try Me. Rather, come to Me now and bow down and ask, and I will surely answer you... Come now, and be humbled at My feet, and hear the voice of your Redeemer.

[Bible Study participant] If You truly are with me, why don’t I hear You anymore? Why don’t I feel You? Why is my heart troubled? Why is my faith shaken? Why don’t I know who I am?... How did I forget? Why do I do the opposite of what a person who has You?

[YahuShua] You fail to listen, and this because of your obedience which can only come by trust, of which both remain lacking. Demand nothing of Me, and I shall give you everything; Demand everything of yourself, and I will take it from you... And you shall be set free. Says The Lord YahuShua.

[Bible Study participant] Let it be so according to the will of The Father.

[YahuShua] Have you not read or listened to My Word, in which I had just blessed you?... ”Each second you hesitate from coming to Me does your trust break”.

[Bible Study participant] Have mercy, oh Lord, for I still am so dull.

[YahuShua] GO!

[Bible Study participants] What does it mean when He says to stop judging His Word?

[YahuShua] Beloved, the time of testing is past, yet you test Me still. I had sent out My messengers to give you meat and drink for your souls... Even My word convicts, and brings all who receive of it into subjection... Even it has become your judge, causing you to judge within yourselves also... A revealing of your faiths, and that which your trust is built upon. Yet you sit there, pushing out your hand when the Word opposes your will, refusing to be broken. Therefore, you have judged My Word and My prophets, and to judge My messengers is to also judge My Word, for any who refuse My messengers can by no means receive My message... And one who judges them has blinded themselves to My Word, unable to see. There are none righteous... No, not one... Save He who has sent the Message. For one who delivers My word must also be its recipient, or how can I continue to send them? Therefore, again I tell you, one who is a judge can do nothing and will receive nothing... Even that which they have will be taken from them. For human judgment leads to doubt, listening to the accuser rather than God... There is one Judge!

The time of testing is past, beloved...
What I have written, stays written, and what I have spoken, STANDS...

Those, who refuse to be moved, remained chained.

The time of choosing has come and shall soon be finished... All shall be sifted.
Even by this word it shall be so, even by My words gone before is it accomplished...

For I am that sword, slaying all in their hearts...
Some to brokenness, while others to the hardening...

Even so, amen.

For the time has come, where ALL shall be moved from their places and shall serve...
Serving God in Truth, or this world and its false king...

Even with many tears, amen.

Even now, these hardened serve themselves and have forgotten Me. Therefore, come to Me as a child, for in this is My love revealed. For that which I have spoken, concerning the little ones, is that which I require of you, for they remember, and from this knowledge will not hesitate... They run to Me with all abandonment, even as a moth to a flame... For the little ones hate the darkness and live in the light...

Therefore, come to Me... I am your Father...

Collapse in My arms, and never leave Me.

Write My name in your hearts, and do My commandments, for by these shall you testify.

Go!... No more time to tarry.


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