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9/4/06 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: Behold the vessels of The Lord, vessels of honor and vessels of dishonor. Yet set among them there are many who count themselves worthy, as vessels of honor; yet they are corrupt, having been filled with all manner of falsehood, bitter doctrine, and perverse tradition, doctrines and traditions born of men and the evil one, which I hate... Men in authority who know not the Truth, nor do I reside in them; leaders who feed to the masses in My own name food which has greatly spoiled, scraps from which even the dogs turn away, meet only to be cast into the fire! Says The Lord.
Therefore I have gathered to Myself a special offering, of the number, empty vessels void of all doctrine taught within the churches of men. And though these have sinned in the body, as all men, they were easily cleansed, fully immersed in the blood of The Lamb, of which they have both drank and accepted... Behold the chosen vessels of The Lord! They have been washed and made clean, both in body and spirit, remade and set up as vessels unto great honor, meet for The Master’s use! Behold, they have been filled with the pure water, which shall be continually poured out into the cups of the thirsty! I am The Lord.
Yet what of all these vessels, which have been filled with all manner of bitter and foul doctrine? Shall I pour the pure water into these, mixing the pure with the polluted and the clean with the corrupted? Surely not. For they have sat long and unmoving, their contents stagnant and rank, fermenting. Thus when vessels such as these fill the cups of the thirsty, My people become ill, even drunk by the contents. For none are able to perceive the Truth as it really is, nor will they accept it when it comes... They have all become intoxicated, they are all drunk! They are intoxicated with the doctrines of men, they are drunk with the ways of the world! They are corrupt, their works abominable! There is none righteous; no, not one! Therefore, every vessel of dishonor shall be broken, all contents purged in the heat of The Day of The Lord! 

How easily men give heed to the cleansing of the sin of the body,
Yet oh how they resist the cleansing of the spirit;
For they do always resist the truth when it comes,
Believing within themselves they are already clean, deceiving themselves...

For this reason I have set aside a special offering, even 144,000,
My witnesses, who I have cleansed and made virgin in spirit;
These shall guide you out of the fire, so you may escape...

Yet those who resist shall be led through, as it were refined by fire...

I am The Lord.


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