Called According to The Lord’s Purpose

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Called According to The Lord’s Purpose

3/7/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For a Brother in Christ and Timothy, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear (Addendum to “Established”)

Thus says The Lord: My sons, until you have understood, until you have made your choice without reservation, I can in no wise give you more; until My servants are humbled, until their hearts speak true, with one voice, they shall by no means be given more. For I am The Lord who knows, He who sees and knows your need, even of that which is required. Lo, I watch always, even when you run and hide from Me.

Now hear and understand, oh faithless servants: I have purposed! My will is done and shall be, and can in no wise be turned back. Therefore give up this fight, and put away all these diverse corruptions, for your flesh yet deceives you. My sons, it is time; the number is accomplished, it is set. And those appointed to be gathered shall be gathered, and those appointed to be left shall be left, yet both shall be refined until the time. For The Day of Refinement is here, and ALL have entered in. Thus those I have called shall be My messengers, and those I send shall be My witnesses, mighty men of valor who shall trumpet My fierce rebuke to every tribe, tongue, people and nation, declaring My judgments before kings and rulers; even that which I have purposed against the cities and churches of men shall they declare in a loud voice.
Behold, My Word shall persecute the people, without ceasing; it shall grab hold of them, and press hard upon their chests! And though My witnesses shall pass through the midst of the multitudes unhindered, being found in faraway cities in an instant, My words shall not depart from the hearers, nor shall the power of My words fade!... None shall escape The Word of The Lord! For My Word shall oppress the wicked and infuriate the rebellious unto burning anger, until every last one is consumed! For I have shown this world The Mercy of God, yet upon those who spit at The King and bring harm against My anointed, I will have no mercy, save the depths of darkness forever!

Therefore, run to Me at all times and in every season, My sons, and cease not from humbling yourselves before Me. Purify your hearts and purge your minds, for it is time. Open your mouths in silence, and breathe Me in. Pour your hearts upon the floor, empty out every chamber. Purge your bowels, and let your innards grumble and make a great noise. Let your palates dry up for thirst, and drink no more from all these polluted fountains. Plug your ears, that the noise of this world goes silent, and cover your eyes, that you may no more look upon all these abominations, and wait upon Me.

Beloved, your body is My temple;
Now prepare My place before Me...

For from the womb did I set you apart;
Before your flesh was formed,
I knew you and chose you for My purpose...

Therefore consider My words, and make your decision,
And I shall surely finish it...

Says The Lord.

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