As It Was in the Days of Noah, So Shall the Coming of The Son of Man Be

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12/21/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Emily, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Emily’s question: I have a family member who is overly concerned about my well-being, and thinks I am in a religious cult for believing that The Letters From God and His Christ are the direct Word of God. I am not quite sure how to respond to the threats and accusations that are being spoken toward me.

[The Lord answered]
If you have told her the truth and made the truth plain, though she has rejected it... Instead welcoming in unclean spirits, choosing to walk according to their ways... What more shall be done, save that which is done already, and must continue for a time?...
For I see all her comings and goings, and know of those things which plague her heart. Therefore, this I tell you: Let her go her way, and cease from all contact with those who have embraced all this darkness, which now covers them. Make every effort to cut all ties with them, lest evil grab hold of you also, because of fear and sorrow... Do all these things quickly beloved, says The Lord.

[Emily] My whole family is starting to come against me. There are many who are coming hard against The Lord and the Letters.

[The Lord] Let them come, says The Lord. Let them do all the evil, which is in their hearts to do, says He. Fear not, I AM THE LORD... Only trust and obey... Hesitate not, be separate.
The words of scoffers are chaff, carried away by the wind, brought forth from a hard and troubled heart. Their plight is like a ship, tossed about by rough seas... A dark sea of confusion, darkness of faces, in which they toil in vain, attempting to sail against every wind, which they perceive opposes them... The winds of change and righteousness, bringing great conviction, cracking every pillar which upholds the ways of the world, breaking up the fallow ground beneath the feet of the desolate... Destroying the status quo, to the dissolving of every false foundation.
For the coming of The Lord is a terror to all who say they know Me, yet do not really know Me, says The Lord... Sudden destruction upon all who have forsaken Me utterly, swift death to every form of idolatry and all those who commit harlotry, to pollute The Holy Covenant.

Behold, an awful scourging is coming quickly,
For all those who oppose The Mashiach...

Even to fight against Him and the sword He brings,
And that which proceeds from His mouth.

Yet to the elect, His coming is a most delightful song...

A blessed hope! A joyful expectation!...

Great peace and relief in a world,
From which they have already departed,
Though they must remain in it, for a very short season.

Therefore beloved, oppose them not, nor offer any correction. Be calm and at peace... Hide yourself in The Beloved, under the shadow of His healing wings. And that which burns, within the dissident, will subside, and turn to mere mocking and laughter at your expense. For I am The Word of Truth, and all I have spoken is established!... My word yields to no man!... Nor can anyone enter My body, save they accept Me as I am, walking in My ways and keeping The Commandments, even to pure testimony in My name.

Therefore, as it was in the days of My servant, Noah,
So shall it be with My faithful servants of this day...

And as it was then, so shall it be in this day also...

The door shall be shut!

And upon the whole of the earth shall I rain down judgment, and from beneath shall I bring up horrible calamity upon the kingdoms of men!... The storehouses of My wrath shall be opened! And as the great flood so shall My punishment be in the Day of My anger!...

Says The Lord, The High and Lofty One...

He, who reigns King over all the earth!...

He, who comes with justice and recompense for the nations!


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