A Cracked Reed

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3/7/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Little flock, I have taken from you My lampstand, and of this table, from you it must pass away, says The Lord. For I do always what is right by My children. Beloved, are you still without knowledge? Are you still without understanding? The humble receive of My gifts, and the pure in heart shall behold My face forever. Yet among you I see some who look elsewhere for fulfillment, running to and fro, seeking here a little and there a little, that they might somehow find a way to ease their troubled hearts... This should not be!
I see a flock who is always seeking after something new, as though you had itching ears. And when I grow quiet and remove My mouthpiece from you, why do you then seek after another to speak in his place? Yet you went out, and behold, another endeavored to speak on My behalf. Yet from the overflow of his heart was the message brought forth; I did not speak to him, nor did I command him to write. Thus you are not yet able to discern the voice of The Lord from your own, nor are you able to discern the voice of recollection from that which I speak into the air. For into the air I have indeed spoken, that the world may hear and be warned. And though their ears are very dull, and their hearts are like adamant stones, it has surely entered in... Yet by My spirit I speak into the ears of My appointed prophets, and behold, The Song is heard and My indignation written. For I am The Lord, and I do not change; from the beginning I am God, and to the end I AM HE.
Therefore, O faithless children, I have indeed stepped back from you, for you have stepped back from Me. I have stepped back, that you might strain to hear, that you might let go of your pride and fall down heavily, that you might break and be humbled, and remember. For I have called to you many times, yet you have not come to Me without condition; I have spoken a multitude of words, yet you retain no knowledge, nor have you given heed; I have served you food and much drink from My own table, yet you are not satisfied... Therefore, these scales must fall from your eyes, these stumbling blocks must be removed, lest My name be further polluted among you. Beloved, if I do not humble you, you will be forever striving, yet gaining no ground. If I do not remove these things upon which you lean so heavily, your cracked reed shall break, and you shall be severely injured when you fall.
Yet My words are pure, a solid foundation beneath the feet of My beloved, a sure way for those who believe. My words are a strong staff in the hand of all who do them, and those who place their trust in Me will never falter. And though My words are sharp, they also bring healing... Behold, when The Word speaks, the ears of the deaf are opened, and when the light of The Word shines, sight is restored to the blind, in as many as are willing to receive Him.

Behold, the word of The Lord straightens the paths
Of all who give heed to My words and do them;
For I am The Lord, and My wisdom produces
A bounty, preparing My way before Me...
Therefore, seek My glory and look to My Righteousness,
For The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!...

Look into My eyes, open your ears to My voice,
For the mouth of The Lord has spoken!
Return to the first works;
It is time to be consumed in your First Love!...

Says The Lord.


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